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Muh LMC Diss, Collab Verse...
Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:40 am by Pun'Isha
They Say, You've Got To Have Faith!!! Well I Say Nah, Bitchez Talk Shit, Well I'll Have To Show Em Sooner Or Later!!! Not Juss Speaking On 1 Person....I'll Fuck Up Their Whole Crew!!! I Deserve To Be Hated On!!! Muh Dying Wish Iz This...Hate On Me!!! But, You'll Never Get The Best Of Me!!! Im Alot Stronger!!! DHA, Yeah Im Juss That, I Ride With Devil'z Hooded Angel'z, No Crew Better!!! Fuck You Pay Me, And Some...Try To Hate On Me?! You'll Get Slug'z, And You Slimey Like A Slug Too!!! Fuck LMC


L.M.C.?! Fuck Em' I'll Score-With-Her-Ass-Ock, And The Great Angie, Get Tore-In-The-Bath!!!-Pop'z
Gored-In-A-Dash-STOP! "Only Angie Get This Peter On Time!" Like She A Whore-With-A-Fast-Clock. l0l She "Ditch
Bound" Like A Ford-With-A-Bad-Top! Imma Leave Lame'z With Ice! Like I Distorted-A-Crack-Rock.
Now Get By With Versez?! I'll Roar-Till-Her-Ass-Flop, "Fuck Her Back Up" Not Talkin L.M.C. Im Sayin When I
Wore-Out-That-Back-Doc,(Fuckin Her All Night!!!)
Wanna Talk Style?! I'll Take Her "Punche'z" "And I'll Walk Out! CASE CLOSED" Like I Got
Boared-With-The-Matlock...(Straight Jackin Ya Punchlinez)

Beasting Crew'z! This-Lama-Hit'z-The-Panzy!!! "We'll See Fight'z Over Brass" Like
Now LMC Hard?? I'll Hafta Soften-The-Chumpz, And Six Shot Shellz?! You'll Be Coughin-Em-Up, And We'll See The
"Inner Affair With ABUSIVNESS" 'NaH I Aint Done Shit'!!! Im Talkin How Insomnia'z-Hitting-Angie.....(Call The Cop'z)

I'll Stay-Schemeing-With-Text!!! Ya Out Drawn On Rapping, War Time! Letz Get A "Heart Attack" Like Im
Straight-Beaming-Ya-Chest......I'll 'Crack Head'z', Wait STOP!!! Why You Gay'z-Fiending-This-Mess???
Ya Fake-Claiming-Ya-Best, Hottest?! NaH Semi Hit'z, Im Straight-Aiming-Ya-Death!!! No Ya Weak And Endured?! I'll
Murderlize You, "Spread LMC Out" Like A Fertilized Crew!!! Now We'll See "Pete Enter Insomnia" Like
Day-Dreaming-Of-Sex......(NASTY ASS)

Imma Scan-Em'-For-Light-Pose, LMC Can't Handle Me!!! So I'll "Spit Flame'z On Dude'z Bar'z" Cuz Im
Az Far Az 'Streangth In Muh Rhyme'z'?! I'll Be Landing-Thor'z-Might-Yo, And You're In The 'Middle Of The BRAIN
Battle Field', And Im Cramming-The-Strike'z-Hoe, Now With Pete?! He'll Be 'Out For A While!!!' Yes Im Talking How
BC Bann-Em'-For-White-Joke'z...(OhHhHh)

A Cha Cha

Comments: 1
.:Just Flowin:. (RanDom Diss)
Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:45 am by Akademik
Your Logically, Ruthless? I Slap This Kid Like CrissCross UnTil He ClueLess
Kid Cuz Fact Is, Ak "Stay Over Words" Like An Apostrophe' Stupid!!
Map Those Raps, Cuz Verbally? I Scramble Vets, Ur Not Capable Of Handlin Text,
And I'm Easily "Beating The Odd's" Without A Fuckin "Gamblin Debt"
I'm Ramblin NEXT!! Cuz Honestly Kid? Your Weak And Useless,
Stop Talkin Spit Or I'll Stabb You Until Your Leaking Fluids,
Stress This Hoe with The Questions, Ull Need Ta Come Wit Protection
So "Why Not Take Your Own Life?" Like "Kleptoes with Depression"
Be On Ya Belly From That Blow! If You ''Land On My Sites''
I Forgive Dudes''For They Wrongs'' So Now They ''Stand For They Rights''
Its Too Disgusting! How Im ''Setting Up Food'' Like Baiting For Rex
Ya Verse Stinks ? ''Ill Put A Pencil In Ya Ass'' So It ''Relates To Ya Text''
My Goals To Clear It! So Youll Get ''More If Your Curled''
Cause I Done ''Cruised'' Through ''More Blocks'' Then ''War Of The Worlds''

Comments: 2
Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:51 am by ProMeTheuS
Lets Go, Survive With Will, Ive Been, Persuading A lot!
I Sat And Waited On Gods, Never Came. Now The New Artists Are Just Making It Fraud
From; Paying .For Jobs, To Raping a Broad, The Game Is So Tasteless And Fried
We Were Taking Our Time For Bright Futures, Now The Flow Has Left The Veins Slit And Dry.
Lame Spits Get Prized, While The Real Lyricist Sit And Go To Waste Like Trash
Plenty Of Races Bashed, Even Our DJs Got Infected, Sit As He Takes The Cash
Number Ones, They Should Be Placed As Last Because Their Vocabulary Is Horrid
The Streets Is Your Topic, But Youre Discrete Like Myopic, Just Acting Scary Then Forfeit
Its So True, And No News To Us, Im Not Talking To The Public Till a Brother Gets At Me
Not Facing My Lyrics, Because You Got Your Face In The Mirror, Paying To Smother Ya Acne.
This Gutter Shits Trashy, Because Youll Show Signs Of God, Make Like Your Fingers And Get Crossed
Should Have Listened To Kramer With This Mock, Only Ten Years ago a Gang Banger Was Hip-Hop
Please, The Image Of a Thug Gets Finished With a Slug When Closing In On My Trails
A Pension Is Well, So Dont Mention The Sells, Cuz Along With The Album, Goes The End Of Michelle!
You G? only Thugs N Goonies, Because The Roll Stopped, Tired Of It, I Would Kiss And Hug a Newbie!
The Game Turned To Style With Hype, And Has More Fake Crips And Bloods Than Movies.
To a New Generation; Welcome To Trash,
If You Noticed Lil Wayne Killed Hip Hop, Good Luck Helping It Last.
If I Were To Catch Him On Tour, I Would Probably Put Real Shells In His Ass
Then I Can Be a Certified Member Of Hip-Hop, A Felon At Last!
Theres a Quest To My Coils Lease, Im Rounded With Assurance, Your No Question Of Royalty
Never Affection Will Spoil Me, I Knew I Was In Need To Defend, But This Ignorance Is Testing My Loyalty.
You Was Rejected,-Avoiding Me, And Just Like Your Clitoris, Get Checked With Rods!
Back In The Day, NWA Held Down For The Lyrics, But Now Dipsets the Squad
Im Not Knowing Who To Beat, The South Fell Off, Showing Whos The Weak!
But This Cat Strait Stabbed The Heart Of Rap, Pulse Starts Slowing To The Beat
Heads Throbbing, Illness Of The Atmosphere Starts Rages
Stupid Child, I Wanted To Go Old School, Not Back To The Dark Ages
Shits So Abnormal, The Acts Formal When It Comes To Fame Material
Its Like a Hungry Breakfast With Murderers How Much You Cats Out Claiming Serials
Well Back Out, The Game Is Serious, Youre Just a Nod When The Cash In Need
Im Not With The P2P Because Were Individual Emcees, But Im a God With a Rhapsody!
Thats How I Got In The Rasphody, Lyrics And Spotted Catastrophes!

Comments: 4
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